Your white blood cells are responsible for your body’s defense system against disease causing pathogens and infections, which is termed as immunity. We all have white blood cells yet many of us have a low immunity.  A boost in immunity reduces one’s chance of getting infections and quicken recovery during periods of illness for both children and adults.

Vitamin C, a nutrient also known as Ascorbic acid is therefore a scientifically justified immune booster. Other nutrients that boost immunity are vitamin A, Zinc and foods rich in bio-active compounds with immune boosting properties like garlic, ginger, Cuban oregano, moringa and sage.

Here is how you can have enough of the immune boosting foods daily;

  • VITAMIN C; 3 servings of vitamin C rich fruits to get 90mg. Each item on list represents one serving.
    • 2 oranges
    • 1 lemon ( fresh not boiled as is common practice)
    • 2 tangerines
    • 2 slices pineapple
    • 2 medium sized tomatoes
    • 100ml hibiscus juice concentrate
Vitamin C in orange, pineapple and hibiscus juice
  • VITAMIN A; 3 servings of vitamin A rich food. Each list below represents one serving.
    • 3 carrots
    • Palm size pumpkin
    • Bowl full spinach
    • Bowl full cow pea leaves
    • Fist size liver ( 200grams)
    • Broccoli
    • 2 mangoes
    • 2 slices pawpaw
  • ZINC; 1 to 2 handfuls of Simsim, Groundnut, Cashew Nuts, Pumpkin Seeds and/ or Simsim Balls
  • Bio-active compounds with immune boosting properties found in foods like; Garlic, Rosemary Cuban oregano, moringa, sage and Ginger

In summary;

Boosting immunity naturally will need a variety of foods to supply a good quantity of each of vital nutrients daily for example for vitamin A eat pumpkin, add a source of bio active compounds by adding cuban oregano/ ginger to your tea, add vitamin C by eating an orange, then you can have a source of zinc by snacking on groundnuts. This way you supply your body with each nutrient needed for a strong immune system.

Research studies since the 20th century continue to justify that individuals who eat sufficient amounts of vitamin C have better functioning of white blood cells.

Please consult a health expert for medical support if you test positive for COVID-19 as this is a necessary complement to your healthy immune boosting diet.

Buy oregano and moringa plants from Gudie Leisure Farm, Najjera. Vitamin C rich Hibiscus, juices and tea bags from Rena Beverages. For a vegetable garden in your home; VMG has amazing gardens.

Written by Regina Nantege _ Dietitian/ Nutritionist , WhatsApp.

Published by Regis Dietitian

Dietitian/ Nutritionist passionate about influencing dietary and lifestyle patterns for improved health. Nutrition services and Food products


    1. Yes you can get an all in one in supplements though this article focuses on natural sources of immune boosting nutrients. I also prefer natural because I get ti enjoy the food and nourish my body with other nutrients for example as I eat spinach for vitamin A, I also get food amounts of fiber and vitamin B. Individuals also get other health restoring benefits of these foods for example hibiscus also comes with iron and antioxidants. Natural is first priority

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  1. Thanks for the article. In Uganda we have abundance of food but we don’t know how to use them for our nutrition and immune building


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