White blood cells are responsible for your body’s defense system against disease causing pathogens and infections, which is termed as immunity. We all have white blood cells yet many of us have a low immunity.  A boost in immunity reduces one’s chance of getting infections and quicken recovery during periods of illness for both children and adults.

Research studies since the 20th century continue to justify that individuals who eat sufficient amounts of vitamin C have better functioning of white blood cells.

Vitamin C, a nutrient also known as Ascorbic acid is therefore a scientifically justified immune booster.


Adults need 90mg of Vitamin C while children need 25mg to 65mg of Vitamin C daily which should be obtained from food as the body does not make or store Vitamin C.

You need to eat 3 to 5 servings of vitamin C rich foods daily. For adults, three medium sized lemons will meet your daily Vitamin C requirements as each contains 31mg without the peel. To obtain enough Vitamin C from tomatoes eat 4 large raw tomatoes as each contains 28mg of Vitamin C.

Are you eating enough vitamin C rich fruits?

Drinking 500ml of hibiscus juice provides 35 mg of vitamin C as it contains 7mg of Vitamin C per 100ml.

One of our customers has a 7 year old who needs one orange daily for his Vitamin C but fresh oranges are not always in season. The child now drinks 1 glass of hibiscus juice which provides 21mg of Vitamin C. RENA hibiscus simply replaced his usual flavoured drinks and provided extra nutrients. You can also use natural hibiscus powder to enrich your usual fruit juice.

RENA hibiscus products are UNBS Quality certified made from the calyx of hibiscus sabdariffa plant. Hibiscus keeps nutritious for longer than other natural sources of vitamin C. A dozen of RENA Hibiscus juice 300ml costs 10,000 each. You can also get yourself a 200gram tin of hibiscus powder at 10,000 ugx or a 5liter Hibiscus concentrate to make 20 liters of juice.

If you need additional expert guidance after purchasing the product, RENA Beverages will get you a consultation with a Nutritionist. 

Order online on Kikubo Online (search RENA Hibiscus). Call 0788559580 for delivery. Supermarkets: Outlet, Capital Shoppers, Carrefour, Quick Pick and Mega Standard supermarkets

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