Intermittent Fasting: Dietitian Opinion

Intermittent fasting is not a complete diet in it’s self.

Having your foods eaten at a particular time, leaving periods of fast is beneficial to weight loss.
These periods of fast give your body a chance to burn fast as your blood glucose levels are low so indeed the body will utilise it’s fat stores for energy during those hours.

There are also lower insulin levels during the fasting time so the body burns fat instead of storing it. ( Insulin is a hormone triggered when we eat, and when it’s high we store fat more).

This also explains why eating all the time ( small frequent meals) is discouraged in weight loss. *Give your body a low blood glucose moment, you will burn more fat*
Yes indeed you will benefit from intermittent fasting but back to why I said intermittent fasting is not a complete diet on it’s own,
You won’t lose over 5kgs if you do not pair it with low calorie eating.
If you fast say 16 hours but the time you eat, you pile on over 1800 calories in one meal, you still won’t lose the weight coz low calorie intake is the gold standard of weight loss.

Please note there are so many diet trends and so many to come but this doesn’t make the basics of weight loss invalid.

In terms of chronic disease management, IF shud be used with guidance as it may not be beneficial for all medical conditionsRegina Dietitian

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