Company Profile

Impact Nutrition Company Limited, Uganda exists to reduce the growing health burden of diet-related non-communicable diseases, obesity and the persisting levels of undernutrition in Africa.
Each person with a diet-related disease or malnutrition deserves access to appropriate diet therapy for a healthy life.
Our services focus on increasing individual commitment to health, ease-to-adopt and building sustainable dietary behaviours for thousands of people.

VISION: Advancing nutrition behaviour models that champion the prevention of nutrition-related diseases and deaths.

MISSION: To build accessible easy-to-adopt and sustainable healthy diet programs for individuals and communities.

Impact Nutrition Company, Uganda

Our Promise: Nurturing Healthy Lifetimes


Impact Nutrition Company Limited started in 2017 and was incorporated on 28th October 2020. The startup was inspired by the community outreach activities run by Human Nutrition and Dietetics students’ association at Kyambogo University in 2016/17 where free dietary guidance was provided to over 4000 people at community nutrition health camps. Being the President of the Association then, Nantege Regina, Founder of Impact Nutrition Company saw first-hand the need for accessible nutrition care and worked with Co-founder Nankunda Ronnah to meet the nutrition gap.

    Our customer’s need for Easy to Implement, Sustainable Healthy Eating and Long-term Health is met by a team of Dietitians and Behavioral health experts with the Lya: Eat for Health Mobile Application

    Core Values

    1. Positive Influence
    2. Efficiency
    3. Reliability
    4. Accountability
    5. Collaboration
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