Company Profile

Nankunda Ronah Dietitian/Nutritionist
Nankunda Ronnah _Co-founder and Dietitian
Qualification: Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition and Dietetics
Nantege Regina-_Co-founder and Lead Dietitian
Qualification: Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition and Dietetics

OUR PROMISE: Nurturing Healthy Lifetimes

Food provides nutrients and bio-active compounds that sustain our human life, yet many of us never take the time to choose the right food combinations and portions at our meals. We are here to help more individuals start a lifetime of healthy eating.


Our Expertise: Nutritionists/ Dietitians

With a vision of becoming the leading Nutrition Care Provider in Africa, we have designed dietary behaviour change programs like lifetime diet which focus on meal planning and dietary behaviour counselling that creates lasts healthy dietary patterns.

We offer holistic health care through our clinical nutrition services at health facilities in Uganda. We have created the Wellness Hero Club to help individuals sustain dietary habits and reach out to families and communities.

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The Background
In May 2015, Nantege Regina and three other nutrition students in Think Tank Association, Kyambogo University, Uganda committed to starting up a Nutrition project named Nutrition for Health. The project aimed to enable us utilize our academically acquired knowledge in attaining self-reliance. We were able to improve dietary practices through community Nutrition outreaches in 2015 and 2016 as we provided Nutrition consultation services for over 4,000 participants in community health camps with support from our fellow Nutrition student volunteers from Kyambogo University Human Nutrition and Dietetics Students Association.

On acquiring nutrition degrees in 2017, we decided to build Impact Nutrition Company to provide professional nutrition services at health facilities, wellness centers, media and individuals. Being able to impact over 400 persons in the first 3 years has charged us with a desire to expand our reach to atleast 1000 persons annually. To achieve this we work with both full time and part time nutrition experts and partner with media, health care, fitness and agricultural companies to increase access to nutrition care services and affordable enjoyable foods.






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