Diabetes Control Diet with Ugandan foods

We human beings hate restriction and only a few will commit to the “don’t eat that” approach for life. There are many tasty diabetes friendly meal options and I feel sad when to hear patients say, “I can only eat a particular list of foods to control my blood sugars”. RegisDietitian It’s possible to enjoyContinue reading “Diabetes Control Diet with Ugandan foods”

To Use or Not to Use Weightloss Pills and other Supplements

Who is offering the right diet solutions to health seekers without truly compromising their health? I am highly concerned about persons with chronic conditions and risk factors such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, morbid obesity and hyperlipidemia as they are a customer niche for the growing billion dollar dietary supplement business. In an effort to improveContinue reading “To Use or Not to Use Weightloss Pills and other Supplements”