Kamos Bakery's Transformation: The Impact of Bakers’ Soy Flour from SESACO Uganda

Kamos Bakery's Transformation: The Impact of Bakers’ Soy Flour from SESACO Uganda

Luweero District, Uganda —Kamos Bakery has been a cornerstone of the community for the past 10 years, serving up a variety of baked goods that have delighted locals and visitors alike. Under the visionary leadership of Mr. Kamoga, the Managing Director, the bakery has embarked on an inspiring journey of change and growth, all centred around a single ingredient: bakers’ soy flour.


A Chance to Improve Protein Content of Baked Goods

Traditionally, Kamos Bakery had never used soya in their products. However, a newfound understanding of the benefits of incorporating bakers’ soy flour into their baked goods sparked a revolution in their approach. Through intensive training sessions with the team, led by the dedicated experts at SESACO and WISHH under the American Soybean Association, Mr. Kamoga and his team were enlightened about the impressive health benefits of soya – a protein powerhouse that could naturally enrich their creations.


The transformation took only 3 months to manifest, but the results have been extraordinary. Mr. Kamoga boldly experimented with the inclusion of bakers’ soy flour in various baked items, from the beloved bread to the delectable Manadazi, doughnuts, and daddies. The outcome was astonishing, as the bakery's products now boast an elevated nutritional profile, thanks to the high protein content of soya.


"The addition of the bakers’ soy flour has not only made our bread healthier and more nutritious, but it has also allowed us to enhance the texture, taste, and appearance of our products," Mr. Kamoga shared. "Our bread is now smoother, finer, and more delightful to the palate. It browns to perfection and maintains its softness, qualities that our customers have truly appreciated."


One of the most impressive achievements has been the extension of shelf life. Previously, Kamos Bakery's products had a shelf life of 6 days, but with the incorporation of soya, that has extended to an impressive 9 days, a notable improvement of three extra days.


Feedback from customers have been overwhelmingly positive. The absence of complaints or product returns has served as a resounding endorsement of the bakery's new offerings. "Our customers have embraced the change with open arms," Mr. Kamoga noted. "It's a testament to the fact that they genuinely enjoy the new products we're providing."


The financial impact of this innovation has been equally remarkable. By using 1.5 kilograms of bakers’ soy flour in every 50 kilograms of flour, Kamos Bakery has not only covered the cost of the bakers’ soy flour but has achieved higher profit margin compared to their previous practices. "Soya flour has been a game-changer for us," Mr. Kamoga acknowledged. "It has not only boosted our profits but has allowed us to reinvest in our production processes and cover other operational costs."


However, the journey hasn't been without its challenges. The transition faced initial resistance from the bakery's team members. With persistent training sessions provided by SESACO, the team gradually embraced the changes. Given the transient nature of staff, the bakery acknowledges the need for ongoing refresher training sessions.


The success of this venture has also expanded Kamos Bakery's horizons. A strong partnership has developed with SESACO, the supplier of soya flour, fostering networks that have opened new doors for the bakery. Mr. Kamoga eagerly anticipates participation in upcoming festivals, which will not only provide exposure for his bakery but also create opportunities to share knowledge with fellow bakers.


Overall, Mr. Kamoga's vision and determination have propelled Kamos Bakery into a new era of prosperity and innovation. This transformational journey showcases the incredible potential for businesses to not only improve their products but also strengthen their communities and partnerships.


For Mr. Kamoga, this journey is more than just a business venture; it's a testament to his commitment to excellence, health, and progress. As he reflects on the impact of using soya flour, he smiles and says, "As a businessman, I've not only increased my profits but also enriched my skills and perspective. The journey has been fulfilling, and we're excited to see where it leads us next."


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